There are plenty of great flight and hotel packages that you can go for should you decide to spend your vacation in the beautiful country of India. Make sure to visit Pushkar with you family and friends. This town in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan is undoubtedly a great destination for anyone seeking a relaxing getaway. The moment a traveler gets out of the Green Park Resort can visit around 450 temples, hundreds of old palaces and havelis. They are 100 to 2,500 years old, and many of them are monuments which are worth visiting.
After half an hour walk from the hotel, one can visit the Goddess Savitri Temple, and Nag Pahar (Snake Mountain), where you can find hundreds of caves, temples, wildlife and jungle birds. Gaumukh, Punchkund, Agust Muni’s and Vam Dev caves are also in the Snake Mountain

Pushkar is a great place to have Indian clothes made as there are about 3,000 tailors. The town is also very famous for cobblers, where hundreds of shoes are made and sold.
Pushkar is also famous for its painters painting miniatures. It is also possible to attend "Yoga and Meditation" classes as there are many institutions in Pushkar.
The great Indian museum called Bustered ‘Soklia’ and Soni Temple can be visited in Ajmer, which is only half an hour away from Pushkar.